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Free French Poster - des expressions avec le mot POMME

Since my last post revolved around apple freebies in English, I thought it would be nice to also offer something for my French peeps.

Here's a FREE poster with expressions using the word "pomme". It comes in two versions because I couldn't decide which graphic by A Sketchy Guy was better!

Click on any of the images to download it from Dropbox.

 Here's an idea: FREE French Poster - apple expressions       Here's an idea: FREE French Poster - Apple Expressions

I've chosen not to include the English translation. That way, it can be used in French Immersion classrooms. For those of you reading this post looking for the definitions, they follow below:

1. être haut comme trois pommes: être très petit - to be small/short, usually referring to children
2. tomber dans les pommes: s'évanouir - to pass out
3. c'est pour ma pomme: c'est pour moi - it's for me or myself. You can also change the possessive pronoun to vary the expression, e.g. "ta pomme".
4. la pomme de discorde: le sujet d'une dispute - the bone of contention
5. aux pommes: très soigné, parfait - excellent, well done

If you like the posters, let me know by leaving a comment.

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