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October Currently - Loving KG's podcasts!

I can't believe October is here! I'm linking up with Farley and it's always a lot of fun! Let's see what I'm currently doing.

I guess that, by now, every singer has recorded a version of Adele's "Rolling In The Deep", but have you listened to Aretha Franklin's version? What a voice!

Kimberly Geswein has started a "Inspiration for Entrepreneurs" series of podcasts and I love listening to every episode. She's interviewing successful entrepreneurs who will share tips with all of us. KG has an amazing story herself and I love her fonts. In the most recent podcast, Kimberly interviews Deanna Jump. It's great!

 KG's new series of podcasts
This one has nothing to do with TpT, but a lot to do with blogging. Not much more I can say about it right now :)

My whole life revolves around TpT these days… This is not healthy :(

Here's a TREAT: my Halloween Noun or Verb Scoot (70 task cards) will be 25% off until Sunday. Check it out!

 Halloween Noun or Verb SCOOT Task Cards

Thank you for reading and now go check out who else has linked up with Farley!


  1. I agree with you about is addicting! Every day I find a product that I can't live without. ;)


  2. So agree! I have to STOP at TPT! My cart is ALWAYS full! There are sooooo many incredible teachers out there! LOVE my profession! Have a great weekend! Wendy 1stgradefireworks PS...Good Luck on "new business" venture! I LOVE small businesses! 1stgradefireworks

  3. Hi Lucy! I LOVE Rolling in the Deep! I'll have to listen to this version for sure. Thank you for sharing :)

    Always a Teacher & Forever a Mom

  4. I've just begun my TPT journey, so I'm not quite needing to quit it, yet, but I now know where it's headed! =D Your Halloween Scoot is adorable!
    Literacy Loving Gals

  5. Wow - thanks for introducing me to Aretha's version of Rolling in the Deep! She is too awesome. And I feel you on the TPT addiction. It is so, so real!

    Paiges of Learning

  6. Je te comprend tellement à propos de TPT. J'avoue que j'ai parfois l'air une hermite à la maison avec mon portable toujours en train de travailler sur le blogue, mes produits ou mes boutiques. C'est obsessif!

  7. I LOVE that version of Rolling in the Deep! Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  8. Ohh your 'thinking about' is intriguing!! ;-)

  9. Do tell on the new business. It is part of what is wrapped into me needing some clarity of thinking. And TpT- geeze, I don't even feel like I have time for it.
    The Meek Moose

  10. Thank you so much for Aretha! Wow - amazing!
    I also just discovered KG's podcasts - I love them. So inspiring and she's really, really good, isn't she?
    Can't wait to hear more about your blogging plans :)

  11. Lucy, I'm going to show my musical ignorance here... I never new there was an Aretha Franklin version of this song! Pretty embarrassing, really... Thanks for telling us about the KG podcasts, they are truly inspiring and, to know that Deanna Jump doubted herself in her first year as a TpT seller, is a great motivator!!! Good luck on your new business adventure :)

  12. Hi Lucy! Thanks for the link to Kimberly's DeAnna podcast! Very interesting! I'm also interested to find out about your new business. Intriguing! Take care! :)