18 August 2014

Free French eBook and 5 French websites every French teachers should know!

Salut! Hi everyone!
If you teach French, you know how tough it can be to find resources for your classroom. Of course, I'm talking about QUALITY resources. That's why a group of great teacher-authors has decided to put together a FREE French eBook of tips and links to freebies for the back-to-school season or should I say "pour la rentrée"? Laudalina from Profs et Soeurs is the mastermind of this amazing initiative and Ms. Joanne has been so generous to host the eBook. What about me? I was honored to organize it!

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But before we get to the eBook, I would also like to share 5 FREE websites you can use for extra activities when teaching French. They are presented in no specific order and I'm not affiliated with any of them. I just really think they're very useful.

Graphics by Stacey Lloyd

Here we go:


This site has a LOT of stories for kids. It's well-organized into categories, e.g. "Contes et Légendes", "Fables et poésies",  etc, and the best part is that they present the text and give you the option of listening to a narrator reading it.
Oh, and the "Comptines et Chansons", of course, are sung!

The site can be used in so many ways in the classroom.

You can:
- have students listen to the narrator while reading the text during computer time
- play the audio to use it in listening comprehension activities
- just use the text for reading comprehension activities
- have students sing along the "comptines"

 Lundi matin (source: Il était une histoire…) 5 websites every French teacher should know
Lundi Matin (source: Il était une histoire…)

Click on the image above to check out one of the "Comptines et Chansons". This one is great to practice "les jours de la semaine".


This is a section of the site that is dedicated to education. It's got videos, texts, games about many subjects, such as "Histoire" and "Sciences".

They've also got quizzes to test the level of proficiency in French. Click on the image below to check out one of the quizzes.

 Testez votre niveau en français (source: FranceTVÉducation) - 5 websites French teachers should know
French quiz (source: France TV Éducation)


They have several free online exercises you can have your students doing. They are identified with one of the six levels of the CEFR. Check out this simple quiz about "les animaux" (click on the image below).

 Les animaux en français (source: Bonjour de France) 5 websites every French teacher should know!
Les animaux en français (source: Bonjour de France)

4. BrainPOP

Next is BrainPOP. It's an amazing site with videos, quizzes and much more. It covers many subjects and it's fully animated. Click on the image below to check it out.

 BrainPOP Français (source: BrainPOP.fr) 5 websites every French teacher should know


Last but not least is the section of the TV5 website dedicated to "la langue française". There are a lot of resources from which to choose. They've also got sections for those who teach French and those who learn French.

My favorite section is "Les Fables de La Fontaine" with 8 fables with text and audio. Click on the image below to check them out.

 TV5Monde: Les Fables de La Fontaine (source: TV5) 5 websites every French teacher should know
Les Fables de La Fontaine (source: TV5Monde)

And now, for our FREE French Back-to-School eBook! It is packed with tips and links to freebies by 15 teacher-authors.

There are FSL and FI resources for k-12. I'm sure you'll find something you can use in your classroom!

It's available on Teachers Pay Teachers. If you've never heard of Teachers Pay Teachers, or TpT as I prefer to call it, you have no idea what you're missing out. Click on the image for a FREE copy of the eBook.

 Free French Back-to-School eBook - La rentrée
Click on the image for your FREE copy

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

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