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French Interactive Christmas activities, a selection of French Christmas videos and a freebie!

I loved creating the French Interactive Halloween activities so much AND I've got such nice feedback about it that here I am to show you the Christmas version of the lapbook.

I've once again created interactive activities that can be assembled as a lapbook or used in interactive notebooks ("cahiers interactifs" or "leçons à manipuler".)

The foldables® and mini-books are engaging activities that will get your students really involved with their learning. The lapbook will also be a nice keepsake for families and will enable parents to help their children study at home while having fun.

Graphics by Whimsy Workshop Teaching
Let's take a closer look!

Emergent Reader Foldable Mini-books: there are two mini-books in different versions.
The same sentence is used for repetitive practice.
One of the mini-books has the following sentence: "C'est Noël! Je vois…". Then, each page displays a different image. It comes in three versions: to be read and colored, with a blank to be filled (cloze activity), and with a drawing to be made (reading comprehension).
The other mini-book has the following sentence: "C'est Noël! Je veux donner…". The idea is for students to fill in the blanks with the gifts they want to give and the people to whom they want to give the presents. For example, "Je veux donner un livre à ma soeur." Next, they draw their presents "inside" the gift boxes.
The teacher would have to select which version would be most appropriate for the group of students or the teacher could even use the different versions to differentiate the activity.

 French Christmas Interactive Activities for Notebooks or Lapbooks

I've included instructions with pictures of how to fold the mini-books. If you're visual like me, you might also want to click and check out a simple and clear Slideshare tutorial on how to fold a mini-book on Youtube.

Mon histoire de Noël Flip Book
This is a flip book with Christmas scenes. Students should be encouraged to write their own original Christmas stories ("Mon histoire de Noël"). They can change the order of the scenes, draw characters over the backgrounds and write the text to describe the pictures. This is a self-differentiated task because students will write more or less according to their proficiency in the language.

 French Christmas Interactive Flip Book

Santa Claus and Elf Facts Sorting Activity
There are eight simple sentences with facts about Santa Claus / le Père Noël and elves, e.g. "son manteau est rouge" or "il a des oreilles pointues". Students have to cut out all the pieces on the page. Sort the flaps containing the information and glue them around the correct image. Instructions of how to cut and glue are included in the resource.

 French Christmas Interactive Sorting Activity for Lapbooks

Santa's Gift Bags Pocket Sorting Activity - Les Articles Définis
I've also included another sorting activity - this one focusing on definite articles (le, la, les).
After creating "pockets" (the resource comes with instructions on how to do them), students must insert the gifts into the appropriate Santa's bags.

 French Christmas Interactive Pocket Sorting Activity


The activities can be done in one day or spread throughout a week. It's really up to the teacher. The foldable mini-books and flaps can be glued to notebooks OR they can assembled to create a lapbook.

Lapbooks are an incredibly hands-on way to let the student take charge of their own learning. They are involved with all aspects of creating the lapbook so they feel really connected to what they're practicing/learning. Lapbooks also serve to let the student review vocabulary/concepts by themselves at home. Parents can easily refer to them to have their kids practice more at home. And the best thing is that kids won't even notice how much they're "working" because they'll be entertained by the creative aspect of lapbooking.

In order to create lapbooks, you'll need a file folder for each student.
Here's a Slideshare tutorial on how to turn a file folder into a lapbook.

The completed Christmas lap book should end up looking like this:

 French Christmas Lapbook

Click on any of the images above to check it out on TpT or on the pictures below for more Christmas resources!

French Christmas Scrambled Sentences: phrases mêlées NOËL      French Christmas Word Wall, Graphic Organizers, and Writing Templates - français

 French Christmas Interactive Acitivites for Notebooks or Lapbooks

FREE French Christmas Gift
FREE Christmas Gift for you!

And to help you with the Christmas activities, I've made a selection of Christmas videos in French.

I recommend using the links below the videos to show them in your classroom. Those are SafeShare links. SafeShare is a way to avoid having distracting and/or inappropriate content around the video itself. (I'm not being paid to say that. This is really a way to protect kids from seeing what they're not supposed to be seeing).

Check it out:

SafeShare link: Youpi ! C'est Noel !

This video is 12 minutes long and it's super cute. I also like that they mention Hannukah in the beginning and briefly explain that not everybody celebrates Chritmas. The video has LOTS of Christmas vocabulary. 

SafeShare link: Mon beau sapin

This song is a quite traditional "comptine" and there are many versions on the internet. This one displays the lyrics so it's easier for students to sing along. If you don't like this version, check out the next video, also with subtitles.

SafeShare link: Chanson de Noël : Mon beau sapin

SafeShare link: Didou - Dessine moi un sapin de Noël

And finally, here's my Christmas treat for you: FREE French Christmas Vocabulary Puzzles (click on the link or on the picture to download the file from Dropbox).

Free French Christmas Puzzles

This freebie has been made with fonts by KG Fonts and graphics from Crayonbox Learning.

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A Thanksgiving FREEBIE for you!

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick post to show you this Thanksgiving Math FREEBIE I have on TpT. Not only is it cute (who doesn't love Pink Cat Studio's clipart?), but it will also make your students practice comparing two 2-digit numbers,  adding and subtracting, and deciding if the results of the addition/subtraction equations are odd or even numbers.

Click on the image below to download it from TpT!

 FREE Thanksgiving Math for 1st-2nd grade

Have a wonderful day!