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Welcome to my ELA resources page!
(click on any of the covers to check out my resources on TpT)

 Adjectives SCOOT - 32 Task Cards      Adverbs SCOOT - 64 Task Cards      Adjectives x Adverbs SCOOT - 32 Task Cards

 Adjectives and Adverbs SCOOT Bundle - 128 Task Cards

 Plural Nouns SCOOT - 6 sets of 32 Task Cards      Contractions SCOOT - 64 Task Cards      Reflexive Pronouns SCOOT - 64 Task Cards

Cause and Effect SCOOT - 64 Task Cards

 2nd Grade Language Morning Work - January      2nd Grade Language Morning Work - December      2nd Grade Language Morning Work - November

 2nd grade BACK TO SCHOOL language morning work    2nd grade SEPTEMBER language morning work     2nd grade OCTOBER language morning work

 Christmas SCOOT - Noun or Verb - 70 Task Cards

 Parts of Speech Prezi: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs        Inference Practice Prezi - Inferring from Pictures

 Thanksgiving Noun or Verb Task Cards         Halloween SCOOT noun or verb task cards

 FALL ELA task cards           WINTER ELA task cards

 SPRING ELA task cards           SUMMER ELA task cards

 Four Seasons ELA bundle

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