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Anchor Chart Ideas - Plural Nouns Part 1/2

Are you ready for some more anchor charts? I hope so :)

For some reason, my posts about anchor charts always end up much bigger than I anticipate. So this one on "plural nouns" is going to be divided into two parts - much like Anchor Chart Ideas - Adverbs Part 1 and Anchor Chart Ideas - Adverbs Part 2.

Here's an "introduction to plural nouns" anchor chart:

If you create something like this to use in your classroom, pay attention to a few things (based on my personal experience):

- include at least one example of each "kind"of noun (i.e. person, place, thing, animal)
- the output of the machine should not only show items in groups of 2s (in the chart above: 2 flowers, 3 clouds, 4 houses, etc). I've once made that mistake and had a couple of students misunderstanding that the plural only referred to groups of 2s.
- use words that have different ending sounds. Again, I had students creating their own "add -s" rule based on the ending sound.

When creating anchor charts for plural nouns, you might also want to use a different chart for each case/rule.

Here's one on the "add -ES" rule for nouns ending in S/SH/CH/X/Z/SS:

And another one on the "drop and add" rule for nouns ending in Y and nouns ending in F/FE:

You might want to add that the "y" rule is only valid for words ending in -y preceded by a consonant. So, nouns like "boy", "bay", "toy" only need -s to become plural.

And there's the plural nouns "snapshot" anchor chart, where the most common plural cases are all in the same chart:

 Of course, what you'll end up adding to your anchor charts will vary according to what your students need to know and what you want to teach, but I hope you now have some anchor chart ideas to inspire you.

If you happen to be looking for a spring activity to practice plural nouns, be sure to check out my Interactive Matching Activity (QR codes optional)

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Check out Anchor Chart Ideas - Plural Nouns Part 1/2.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful anchor chart ideas!

  2. Hee hee - I just kept visualizing putting a 'Lucy' into your plural machine and having it pop out as 'Lucy S!' Great post :-)

    1. Lol! That's so funny :D That would be great so that my other "mes" would take care of cooking and cleaning!