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I'm in a sharing mood! FREE B&W Alphabet Charts - English and French versions

Hey there! This is a quick post. My birthday is coming up and I'm in a sharing mood.

Today, I just want to share with you some alphabet charts I've just put together.

They are B&W so kids can color them and keep them in their notebooks. There's a version with letters and images and another version with letters, images and words.

Click on the images below to download either the FREE B&W English Alphabet Chart or the FREE B&W French Alphabet Chart.

ENGLISH alphabet chart - just letters & images
ENGLISH alphabet chart - letters, images & words

FRENCH alphabet chart - letters & images
FRENCH alphabet chart - letters, images and words

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The beautiful alphabet clipart is by a good friend of mine, Lindy du Plessis. Check out Lindy's TpT store.

 Lindy's TpT store

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Don't forget to leave me a comment if you like the freebies!


  1. love your site! merci bien. looking forward to many more visits.

    1. Salut Patty! Glad you liked my site!
      Hope to see you here again :)
      Merci beaucoup!

  2. Love the French alphabet chart! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Bonjour ! J'étais intéressée par le french alphabet chart. je ne le trouve plus

    Hi i m interested by your alphabet chart. Sadly the link is n't there anymore.

    thanx, you're so inspiring

  4. Hello!

    I would love to download your alphabet
    could you please share it again? the link is off


  5. Any chance you could re-post that French alphabet freebee? Or email it to me? Thanks so much!!

  6. Is the French alphabet chart still available? I can't access it and would love to use it with my daughter at home as she attends a French school. Merci!