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Adjectives Interactive Anchor Chart: a pumpkin patch of adjectives and a FREEBIE

It's actually spring down here, but I love, love fall! I'm sure you'll excuse me if I crash into your autumn celebrations :)

You might have noticed that I love parts of speech and anchor charts so I've got a fall-themed adjectives anchor chart for you today.

It's a really fun one because it's interactive and you can have a different one every day just by changing out the post-its. You can also use it to play an adjectives game that your students will love.

I created a "base" for the chart with amazing clipart by Krista Wallden and Illumismart.

Now comes the fun part!

There are two ways to use this anchor chart.

1. The first way is more traditional, but with an interactive twist. You'd need post-its for this one.
Place a post-it with a noun on the pumpkin patch image and then have students write adjectives on other post-its to describe that noun. Next, they place the post-its on the pumpkins. You'd end up with something like this:

You can place a different noun on the pumpkin patch every day throughout the season. Challenge the students not to repeat the adjectives. That's a whole lot of adjective practice!

2. The second way to use this anchor chart is to turn it into a guessing game. Before class starts, the teacher places the six post-its with adjectives UNDER the pumpkin flaps so students can't see them. Place a noun on the pumpkin patch. The teacher tells students to write six adjectives to describe that noun (on their notebooks or on the answer recording sheet at the end of the post).

The goal is for students to guess as many of the adjectives the teacher used to describe that noun. When they're done writing, the teacher can then reveal the adjectives by lifting the flaps. The student(s) who got more adjectives right (=the ones the teacher used) wins this game. The teacher can also have kids work in pairs or small groups.

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If you'd like, you can have students writing on the FREE Pumpkin Patch Adjectives answer recording sheet I've created to go with this activity. If you're going to be playing this game a lot, you might want to make enough copies and insert the sheets into page protectors so you can use them again and again. If not, hand out as many copies as necessary. Click on the image below to download it from Dropbox.

 Pumpkin Patch Adjectives Answer Recording Sheet

Hope you have enjoyed this post and if you're looking for more adjective practice, check out the following resources on TpT:

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Thanks for reading!


  1. What a WONDERFUL idea, Lucy! I love both ideas, but I know students would especially enjoy the second activity of trying to "read their teacher's mind". I love the connection to fall, too! Thank you very much for linking up!!

    1. Oooh, I love "read the teacher's mind" and I agree with you: kids would definitely prefer the second activity! Thank you for reading and commenting, Deb!

  2. What a terrific post! Love the ideas!

    1. Do you think you could give a Social Studies twist to it? :)
      Thank you for reading, Carol!