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French Interactive Halloween activities, a selection of French Halloween videos and a freebie!

I'm really excited about my new French Halloween resource! This is the kind of thing I really wished I had available when I was in the classroom.

You have probably seen or heard of interactive notebook activities, foldables, "cahiers interactifs", or "leçons à manipuler".  This post will not go into depth as to what they are. I'll leave that for a later post.

All I'll say is that they are engaging activities that will get your students really involved with their learning.

I had already released resources that included some interactive activities, but I guess this is the first one that is entirely made up of those.

Let's take a closer look!

Emergent Reader Foldable Mini-books: there are two mini-books in three versions.
The same sentence is used for repetitive practice: "C'est l'Halloween! Je vois…". One mini-book contains only masculine words, e.g "un chapeau", "un chat", etc and the other book is for feminine words, e.g. "une sorcière", "une citrouille",  etc.
Each of those comes in three versions: to be read and colored, with a gap to be completed (cloze activity), and with a drawing to be made (reading comprehension).
The teacher would have to select which version would be most appropriate for the group of students or the teacher could even use the different versions to differentiate the activity.

 French Hallowen Lapbook

I've included instructions with pictures of how to fold the mini-books, but I'd like to take this opportunity to share this video that I've found on YouTube:

Accordion foldable activity - choosing a Halloween costume - in two versions (for boys and girls)
The accordion flap contains Halloween costume options and it is helpful in introducing or reviewing vocabulary. For Halloween, they can choose any of those costumes. You can have a class discussion about which costumes they'd love to wear on Halloween and why. Then, they later write the costume they have chosen to complete the second sentence. Instructions of how to cut and glue are included in the resource.

 French Halloween Lapbook

Bat and Spider Facts Sorting Activity
There are eight simple sentences with facts about bats and spiders, e.g. "elle peut voler". Students have to cut out all the pieces on the page. Sort the flaps containing the information and glue them around the correct image. Instructions of how to cut and glue are included in the resource.

 French Halloween Lapbook

Colorful Candy & Haunted House Coloring Page/Lapbook Cover
I've also included two easy coloring pages:
- one is to practice color words
- one is a haunted house coloring page. You can use this one to support a listening exercise. You can have students color the house according to your instructions or you can have one student color and have this student instruct another student on how to color it. Then, they check to see if the houses look the same. This page can also be glued to the back of the lap book or to the front page (see finished product picture below).


The activities can be done in one day or spread throughout a week. It's really up to the teacher. The foldable mini-books and flaps can be glued to notebooks OR they can assembled to create a lapbook.

Lapbooks are an incredibly hands-on way to let the student take charge of their own learning. They are involved with all aspects of creating the lapbook so they feel really connected to what they're practicing/learning. Lapbooks also serve to let the student review vocabulary/concepts by themselves at home. Parents can easily refer to them to have their kids practice more at home. And the best thing is that kids won't even notice how much they're "working" because they'll be entertained by the creative aspect of lapbooking.

In order to create lapbooks, you'll need a file folder for each student.
Here's a video on how to prepare turn a file folder into a lapbook.

The finished Halloween lap book should end up looking like this:

 French Halloween Lapbook

Click on any of the images above to check it out on TpT or on the pictures below for more Halloween resources! Remember: if you'd like to buy all three resources, check out the bundle for huge savings! Plus, the bundle includes a bonus!

    French Halloween Interactive Activities for Notebooks or Lapbooks     French Halloween Sentence Builders & Writing Templates

     French Halloween Word Wall & Scavenger Hunt     French Halloween Bundle of Resources

And to help you with the Halloween activities, I've made a selection of Halloween videos in French. 

I recommend using the links below the videos to show them in your classroom. Those are SafeShare links. SafeShare is a way to avoid having distracting and/or inappropriate content around the video itself. (I'm not being paid to say that. This is really a way to protect kids from seeing what they're not supposed to be seeing).

Check it out:

SafeShare link: C'est l'halloween - Matt Maxwell

SafeShare link:Toupie et Binou - Citrouille en fête

SafeShare link:BABELZONE - La chanson des squelettes - Teach French with LCF Clubs

SafeShare link:François le fantôme - Matt Maxwell

And finally, you deserve something for making it all the way to the end of this post. Here' s a FREE French Halloween Posters/Flashcards (click on the image to download it from Dropbox).

 FREE French Halloween Posters

This set of posters has been made with fonts by KG Fonts and graphics from Graphics From the Pond and The Spanglish Señorita.

I've started a new blog. The name says it all: For French Immersion Blog. Come check it out and subscribe to the For French Immersion Newsletter. Merci!

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