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Nouns Interactive Anchor Chart and Anchors Away Linky!

Since interactive notebooks are all the rage right now, why not an interactive anchor chart?

Here's my take on an interactive nouns anchor chart:

When introducing or reviewing nouns, teachers usually go through the explanation of how nouns name people, things, animals, and places. This anchor chart should be used for that.
The fun part, though, comes from the interaction the students would be encouraged to have with the chart.
Every day, or once/twice a week have students come up and attach a post-it with examples of a category of nouns under the corresponding flap. See the pictures below:

Ideally, they should always come up with new ones. They could also "fill out" the anchor chart with nouns that they find in a book you're reading in class.

You could also turn this into a game and see which team(s) can list the most items.

Let your creativity run free :D

The more the students interact with the chart, the better!

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Today I'm linking up with Deb at Crafting Connections for her Anchors Away Monday Linky! Click on the picture below to check it out!

 Anchors Away Linky Party

Thank you!


  1. What a fabulous idea, Lucy! I have never considered making an anchor chart interactive in this way before! I love the possibility of making a large anchor chart identical to the ones in their notebooks! How clever! Thanks for linking up and sharing your great idea!

    1. Thank you, Deb, for your kind words!
      Have a wonderful day!