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All things APPLE - Free K-3 Apple Resources and Ideas

In keeping up with my "hopes" from The Sunday Scoop list, I'm here for another blog post.

Apples are great because not only are they delicious (think warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream!), but they also lend themselves very well to fantastic educational resources.

GRAPHICS by Kari Bolt and FONTS by KG fonts
I've rounded up some amazing freebies for you to check out!
(They're all free as I post. If they happen not to be free when you check them out, let me know so I can update this post. Thanks!)

Here they are:

- Apple-tastic Freebie by Lisa Mattes - K-2 ELA/Math

 K-3 Apple Freebies

 K-3 Apple Freebies

- Apple Addition with regrouping by The Third Wheel - 3-4 Math

 K-3 Apple Freebies

Last but not least, here is my very own Apple True or False Balancing Equations Sorting Freebie.
It's a fun way to check out how well your students can work with balancing equations (addition and subtraction within 20).

 K-3 Apple Freebies

 Free Apple Balancing Equations Sort

And if you're looking for all kinds of apple ideas (crafts, Science experiments, bulletin board ideas, etc) to go with your apple lessons, check out and follow my A barre-ful of apples Pinterest board!

Follow Lucy S.'s board A Barrel-ful of Apples on Pinterest.

Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. Hi Lucy! I love the scrolling marquees! Your blog looks great!

  2. Hi Lucy! Thanks for all the apple links. I am unable to find Apple Time! Fact or Opinion I Spy by Aimee Salazar. Can you help me?

    1. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. It seems that Aimee Salazar has deactivated her freebie :(
      I'll be updating the blog post to remove her item and I'll try to find a great replacement for it!
      Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Great collection; very useful, thank you. x